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The really big news in boots this season is the K2 ski boot. In the same way K2 has eschewed basing ski design on race skis, they started from the ground up and designed a boot for all-mountain skiing. K2 boots look pretty familiar, and certainly you can pick out obvious influences. The K2 fits and stance scream Lange RX, while the three-buckle backcountry Pinnacle shouts Tecnica. Stock Intuition liners mimic Dalbello and Full Tilt. The innovative technology is almost invisible. Usually on the back of a performance boot you see a rivet or two locking the upper and lower cuff together. This usually provides a stiffer more reactive feel, but maybe not the smoothest flex. K2 dumps the bolts and rivets in favor of a reinforced interlocking spine that couples the upper and lower cuff. This rivet free coupling provides very smooth flex with plenty of rebound. This technology also translates extremely well to creating a walk mode that does not sacrifice any downhill performance. In a nutshell K2 boots combine great fit and stance with a touch of new technology to create an absolutely extraordinary new boot.

The Pinnacle 130 is the flagship of K2’s line. It’s a three buckle plus massive powerstrap tour friendly boot with a 100mm last and solid 130 flex. It has replaceable hike worthy soles that are DIN and tech (Dynafit AT binding) compatible and comes stock with a custom Intuition liner. K2’s innovative cuff coupling really shines with a walk feature that disappears when locked in downhill mode.  The Pinnacle is a great resort boot and hands down the best skiing tech compatible alpine touring boot ever. Adventurous skiers looking for one boot that can do it all need look no further. The Pinnacle rules!

The Spyne 110 has the same 100mm last as the Pinnacle 130, but retains the fourth buckle and beefy powerstrap. The 110’s flex is pretty sporty and it comes with a custom Intuition liner.

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