Of all the recent new start up ski companies Armada has the most success and impact. The industry is finally catching with concepts like "Elf Shoe Technology", and skis like the JJ. Heck, we are still catching up with Armada. When we first brought Armada into Kittredge we really had no idea how it would do. Sure we carried them at P3 (our twin tip and board shop up the street), but they were not really a "Kittredge" ski. How wrong were we? We had no idea that the JJ would be the first ski we sold out of that season. We sold the JJ so fast that the demo pairs never got mounted; somebody had to buy them and we sold out before New Year's. We could have easily sold a dozen more if Armada had not sold out themselves. On that note, Armada has built on the success of the JJ with some equally great skis. For the ladies the VJJ (115mm) is just that: a ladies JJ available in ladies sizes. The TST and TSTw are narrower (102mm), and combine the rockered "Elf Shoe" shovel of the JJ with a more traditional twin tip tail for an amazingly versatile ski. Really, they are JJ's you can ski every day. Of course, Armada makes some great twins, and we carry the most versatile one; the proven ARV. It is a traditional cambered twin with enough width to get it done all over the hill.

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