Fish Report for Monday September 30th, 2013

Bridgeport Reservoir:

Fly Anglers:Use Midges and small Streamers.
Spin & Bait Anglers: Troll Rapalas,Thomas Bouyants,Needlefish,Tasmanian Devils.

Convict Lake:

Fly Anglers: Streamers,like green or brown Wooly Buggers.
Spin & Bait Anglers:Try Thomas Bouyants,Tasmanian Devils,Power Worms,Night Crawlers,Garlic Rainbow Power Bait,Salmon Peach Power Bait,Garlic Infused Worms.

Crowley Lake:

Fly Anglers: Strip Leeches and Wooly Buggers. Midge in 14'to 16' of water at Sandy Point with Zebra Midges.
Spin & Bait Anglers:Tasmanian Devils,Thomas Bouyants,Rapalas. NO BAIT AS OF AUGUST 1ST.
Crowley Lake Trolling Report: Click Here.

East Walker River:

Fly Anglers:Low flow ,increased vegitation and warm water is causing the East Walker to be difficult for fishing now. Fishing at early or late are your best bets and mid day is producing little success. Lure fishing isn't worth the trip right now with the recent bloom in plants on the river bottom. Disco Midge,WD40,Zebra Midge, Griffiths Gnat,Parachute Adams,Hoppers, Trico, Sprout Baetis,BWO Emergers,Wooly Buggers

Grant Lake:

Troll with Tasmanian Devils,Needlefish,Rapalas,Thomas Bouyants.Any Garlic Powerbait,Power Worms,Gulp Eggs,Garlic Infused Worms,Inflated Night Crawlers.

Gull Lake:

Flies:Wooly Buggers. Spin:Thomas Bouyants,Kastmasters,Mepps,Panther Martins,Tasmanian Devils,Needlefish,Nite Crawlers,Power Worms.

Hot Creek:

The creek is getting harder to fish and over grown with vegetation so look for fish sitting behind rocks and weeds and concentrate on fishing short drifts. Some dry fly action in the mornings and evenings, preferred flies are BWO's, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams and Hoppers. Nymphing is tricky but still productive with; WD40's, Copper Johns, RS2 Emerger and Caddis Emergers,Baetis Nymphs,Sprout Baetis.

June Lake:

Flies:Wooly Buggers. Spin and bait try Garlc Powerbait,Power Worms,Night Crawlers,Garlic Infused Worms, Thomas Bouyants,Panther Martins,Super Dupers,Tasmanian Devils, Needlefish.

Lake George:

Night Crawlers,Kastmasters,Thomas Bouyants,Trout Teasers,Panther Martins,Rainbow Garlic Power Bait,Orange Power Worms,Gulp Eggs,Mice Tails,Garlic Infused Worms.

Lake Mamie:

For flies use Copper Jons#16,Olive Matukas #8&10,Hares Ear and Zug Bugs. Spin Mepps,Roostertails,Panther Martins, all work well.

Lake Mary:

Night Crawlers, Garlic Power Bait,Gulp Eggs,Tasmanian Devils,Trout Teasers,Lip Ripperz,Thomas Bouyants,Kastmasters,Super Dupers,Mice Tails,Power Worms,Garlic Infused Worms.

Lee Vining Creek:

Use small spinners like Panther Martins, Rooster Tails and Mepps, also Trout Teasers, and Salmon Eggs.

Lower Owens River:

Pleasant Valley:Garlic Powerbait,Night Crawlers,Panther Martins,Mepps,Roostertails,Trout Teasers.

Mammoth Creek:

Try Salmon Eggs,small spinners like Mepps ,Roostertails and Panther Martins.:

Owens River (Benton Crossing Down):


Owens River (Benton Crossing Up):

Elk Hair,and EC Caddis,BWO,Brassies,Zebra Midges,Brassies,Zebra Midges,Birds Nest,Pheasant Tails,Micro May Fly

Rock Creek:

Fly Anglers:Copper Jons #16,18,Prince Nymphs #12,Caddis 16&18,Royal Humpys,Stimulators.
Spin & Bait Anglers:Rooster Tails, Panther Martins,Mepps,Trout Teasers and Salmon Eggs.

Rock Creek Lake:

Kastmasters, Thomas Bouyants,Super Dupers. For bait use inflated Night Crawlers,Garlic Powerbait,Power Worms, Mice Tails,Gulp Eggs,Garlic Infused Worms.

Rush Creek:

Fly anglers Elkhair Caddis,Red and Royal Humpys,Royal Coachman. Spin and bait: Small spinners likes Mepps,Panther, Martins,Roostertails,Super Dupers catching fish. For bait use Salmon Eggs and Worms.

Saddlebag Lake:

Troll with Tasmanian Devils, Needle Fish, Rapalas and Thomas Bouyants.

San Joaquin River:

Flys use Hares Ears,Pheseant Tails,Birds Nest,E.C.Caddis,Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams. Spin use Trout Teasers,Roostertails,Mepps,Panther Martins. Bait use worms samlon eggs,Garlic Power Bait.

Silver Lake:

Flies:Wooly Buggers. Spin:Kastmasters,Thomas Bouyants,Power Worms,Power Eggs,Garlic Powerbait,Nite Crawlers.

Sotcher Lake:

Kastmasters,Thomas Bouyants,Panther Martins. Garlic Powerbait,Mice Tails,Power Worms,Garlic Infused Worms,Inflated Noight Crawlers.

Twin Lakes (Bridgeport Area):

<> Troll with Rapalas,Kastmasters,Needle Fish,Thomas Bouyants. Inflated Night Crawlers and garlic Infused worms catching fish.

Twin Lakes (Mammoth Basin):

For flies we suggest the mid and lower lakes try Wooly Buggers and Leeches. Spin try Thomas Bouyants,Super Dupers,Garlic Powerbait,Night Crawlers,Power Worms,Gulp Eggs,Garlic Infused Worms.

Virginia Lakes:

For lures use Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants. Bait use Inflated Night Crawlers,Gulp Eggs,Power Worms,Garlic Power Bait,Garlic Infused Worms.

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