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Fishing in the North Arm is off the hook. Each day they can show up in different areas but when you find them it is great fishing. One day they will be over on the Leighton area the next they will be off 6 Bays and trolling between the areas can be just as good. Yesterday above the first of the 6 Bays (Sandy Point side) was as good as it gets. 28 fish day for an 8 and 12 yr old from the Brentwood area. The boys came away from the trip handling the rods and reels like pros. It is a combo of Rainbows, Cutts and Browns with the Cutts and Browns lit up in spawning colors size ranging from 14” to 20”. The best lures continue to be various frog patterned Tasmanians put down only about 8’ in the 10-20 foot water. Over on the Leighton side try the shallower water 8-10 feet with lures down 6 feet. Trophy guys it really is time to be over in the deep water outside the harbor and towards the dam. Ripping Rapalas is the method and Rainbow and Black and Silver are the colors of choice. McGee bay is still full of fish and the catching is constant although the size seems to be a little smaller. These fish will be the fish for next year. Get on up and have some fun with us.

The trolling has been lots of fun lately and several areas to try. McGee Bay in the 16-22 foot water us non stop catching. Mostly 12-16 inch browns that will be great fish next year. Put the lures down 12-16 feet and don’t go too light with leaders as some bruisers cruise this area regularly. The north end has been the spot for the larger fish both on the 6 Bays side and the Leighton Springs side. In these areas fish the 12-16 foot water with lures down 8-10 feet. Only problem with these areas is an unusual algae bloom we have been having this time of the year. Check the lures often and put a Carolina keeper or a bead and swivel a rod length from the lures to stop the weeds and stuff from going down the line. With some wind we hope the algae problem will be a thing of the past soon. It is a big lake so other areas also will produce. The deep water Dam run has produced, Crooked Creek and the Hiltons are also suspect for some quality fish. Lure wise I have been stuck on the frog pattern Tasmanians because they work but it really is time to break out the Rapalas. Size 11, 13 in rainbow and black and silver would be great choices. Get up here and have some fun with us, the lake is uncrowded with only our flyfishing friends to share in the fun.

We had a cold week but it looks nice again today and for the next week. After the weather cleared the fishing was great Friday the 27th both in the 6 Bays area and Leighton Springs area. There are still plenty of fish out in McGee also but the quality seems to not be as good as the North Arm. In the 6 Bays area I have been putting the lures down 12 feet in the 13-18 foot water and over in Leighton I have been putting the lures down 8 feet in the 10-14 foot water. Both areas produced keeper size rainbows and browns with the top lure being the frog patterned Tasmanians. It is a great time to be on the lake with thin crowds and biting fish. Trophy guys it is time to be here. Give the Dam run a try and sneak into Crooked Creek a time or two. Minnow type Lures like size 11, 13 and 18 Rapalas would be the lure of choice. Silver and black and rainbow imitations would be good choices. Heads up leaving the harbor with the islands sticking out and Sandy point is shallow also.

Both the North End and McGee Bay are producing fish. Outside the midgers in 11-14 feet of water, putting lures down 8 feet has been successful. Up in the North End the fish are spread out but plentiful. I have been successful in the 14-20 foot water with lures down 12 feet in the areas around Alligator Point and in the area up towards Sandy Point. Also the shallower water near the North Landing Bay lures down 8 feet have been successful. Keeper size Browns 19-21 inches have been showing up and the catch has been almost all Browns. The water is still in the mid 60 degree range so these browns must be reacting to the shorter days and not really the water temp. That said land these fish quickly and keep them in the water as much as possible for their greatest chance of surviving. Best lures have been Tasmanians in various frog patterns and for sure size 9 and 11 floating Rapalas will work and time to try different trolling flies like Arctic Fox. With the cooling we are expecting the trolling should only get better.

Things Have Changed. Even though the top layer of the lake gets to around 67-68 degrees these days, there has been a big change in the results. Lately the trolling days have been quite a lot of boat ride, sending me up to the Alpine lakes to have results for clients, thank goodness the big lake has started to come around. Friday the 6th was a wide open bite up in the North Arm. Fishing the 14-20 foot water between Alligator Point and the biggest white face of 6 bays was incredible. Put lures down around 12 feet and you will be pleased. I used several frog pattern Tasmanians, size 9 floating Rapalas and I am sure that most offerings will work. The entire area was on fire outside the usually submerged island and even into the North Landing Bay. Good sign for the coming weeks. With the lake so low this year it will be interesting to see how this fall turns out but signs look great with clean water and active fish already could be a blast for the coming cooler times. I did not check out McGee Bay outside the midgers lately because the other end was soo good. The catching was mostly Rainbows, Cutts and only several Browns but the Rainbows were 19 and 21 inches. The Browns are sure to follow as sex will be on their minds soon. Give me a call for lake conditions after this next week as I will be down hopefully tugging on some Tuna out of San Diego for a week. As soon as I get back I will report back about the Crowley situation as I expect it to get epic this fall.

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