Here is a quick look at our testers and their favorite skis for ’10-’11.

Preston: Aside from his worldwide fame as the finder of Steve Fossett’s wreck, Preston is the ski department manager at Kittredge Sports and leader of the test team. He is the physically strongest tester, and likes to ski steep terrain and moguls. For a big guy, Preston has quick feet, and makes plenty of turns. He is also an experienced backcountry skier and teams up with Wes for plenty of spring tours.
Age: 45
Size: 6'1" 200lbs
Years Testing: 7
2 Ski Quiver: Volkl Kendo/ Rossi S7
Quiver of One: Elan Spire
Factoid: Preston has a great voice and loves to sing country & rock.

Tom Cage has been in the ski industry for over 30 years, and is a partner in Kittredge Sports. He has a strong race background, and loves to go fast on the smooth stuff.
Age: won't tell us
Size: not as tall as Preston, but just as heavy
Years Testing: Who knows?
2 Ski Quiver: Elan Waveflex 14/Volkl Gotama
Quiver of One: : Elan Spire
Factoid: Tom is an excellent poker player.

Wes is a part time Kittredge boot fitter and full time Level 3 instructor/trainer at Mammoth Mountain. An avid backcountry skier, he is a junior guide for the Bardindi Foundation (Bardini.org). He prefers natural snow on challenging terrain, and has been known to lap the West Bowl moguls.
Age: 42 but looks 30ish
Size: shorter than Bryan, but heavier (stronger)
Years Testing: 14
2 Ski Quiver: : K2 Rictor/K2 Sidestash
Quiver of One: K2 Sidestash
Factoid: Wes writes most of the content on this website.

Nick is a full time J4 race coach at Mammoth Mountain, and part time Kittredge boot fitter. He is also the youngest PSIA Examiner in the Far West, and one of the strongest, most technical skiers on Mammoth Mountain.
Age: 24
Size: 6' 200lbs
Years Testing: 1
2 Ski Quiver: Elan Waveflex 14/K2 obSETHed
Quiver of One: K2 Sidestash
Factoid: Nick is also a whitewater rafting guide

Brain has been a manager at Kittredge for years, and is our tallest tester. A true powder hound, Brian is the first chair master, and not afraid to be sneaky about it. Besides powder, Brian prefers smooth snow and high speeds.
Age: older than Preston, younger than Tom
Size: 6'4" 210lbs
Years Testing: 6
2 Ski Quiver: Elan Apex/Volkl Gotama
Quiver of One: Elan Apex
Factoid: Brian is a diehard backpacker who has been all over the Sierra.

Don manages the repair and rental departments at Kittredge. He is a smooth and efficient skier with years of experience in the industry.
Age: Proud grandparent
Size: 5'9" 150lbs
Years Testing: Many
2 Ski Quiver: Avenger 82 Ti/Volkl Gotama
Quiver of One: Elan Spire
Factoid: Don is a fishing guide in the summer.

Pete has worked at Kittredge for about 8 years, and REI for 3 years prior. Pete is a solid all-mountain skier who prefers a shorter ski.
Age: 32
Size: 5'7" 150lbs
Years Testing: 2
2 Ski Quiver: Rossi Avenger 82 Ti/K2 Sidestash
Quiver of One: : Rossi S3
Factoid: A master with bow, rod and knife, fish fear him.

Cara is a Level 2 instructor and part time boot fitter who grew up skiing a small hill near Syracuse NY. She makes lots of medium to short radius turns and loves to carve.
Age: 41
Size: 5'3" 150lbs
Years Testing: 10
2 Ski Quiver: K2 Burnin' Luv/Rossi S110W
Quiver of One: Armada ARVw
Factoid: Cara loves to bake, and is famous for her ginger cookies.

Heidi has been a Kittredge employee and tester for a couple years now and also teaches skiing at Main Lodge. She has her PSIA Level 2 certification and is working hard at Level 3. She is the tallest girl on our team, and likes to carve no matter what ski she is on.
Age: 31
Size: : 5'8" 130lbs
Years Testing: 3
2 Ski Quiver: : Fischer Koa 84/K2 Missbehaved
Quiver of One: Fischer Koa 84
Factoid: Heidi is also a surfer.

Susan Another level 2 instructor out of Main Lodge, Susan grew up skiing in Canada, and is always up for a new challenge. She is an athletic skier who prefers technique over strength.
Age: older than Cara but younger at heart
Size: 5'2" 105lbs
Years Testing: 4
2 Ski Quiver:Fischer K2 Burnin' Luv/Volkl Kiku
Quiver of One: : Volkl Kenja
Factoid: In the off season Susan rides road and mountain bikes.

Not every ski department employee gets to test skis at Trade Fair, but these guys try out many skis, and the feedback is very valuable to us.

Aerin passed her PSIA Level 3 certification in 09-10. She also works as a patroller at home in Oz. She is a licensed physiotherapist and very strong technical skier.

Hunter has worked in hardgoods for several seasons now, and always gives good feedback on skis.

Jarrette and Brian were both new to Kittredge in 09-10. Brain has passed his PSIA Level II instructor exam and Jarrette has passed his PSIA Level I instructor exam.

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